What is With Flowers In Her Phone?


With Flowers In Her Phone was an idea I had back in 2016. I seemed to be always taking flower photos on my iPhone at the time. One day I decided to share a post on my blog and on my Butterfly Rose Designs Instagram page, asking others to use the hashtag #withflowersinherphone on their floral phone images, so I could feature them.

At first, I was so excited that I had found a hashtag that no one had used before. Then the more I started to think about it, the more I was talking myself out of it. You know that negative voice that seems to appear when you try something new:

“What if no one joins in?”

“Why would anyone like your idea?”

“Who are you to try and start something creative in the community?”

But I ignored those negative thoughts and did it anyway. And guess what? People started to join in. At first it was my friends and followers, but then slowly it started to grow.

I must admit looking back, I am a little embarrassed about how I put together my first feature grid. But I heard someone mention online the other day in a video, a quote with words to the effect of: “If you look back on your past work and don’t see anything you could improve, then you probably started too late.”

I’ll happily admit that I continue to be a work in progress.


Soon after, I decided to create an Instagram account for With Flowers In Her Phone.


This became a place where I could share my floral phone images, along with videos and tutorials that give a glimpse into how I create my images.


But most importantly, @withflowersinherphone is a place where we can celebrate and admire the many talented photographers out there, who also happen to take flower photos with their phones.

I feel extremely grateful that so many of you have used the hashtag #withflowersinherphone, and look forward to sharing more of your amazing images in the future.