Behind the Scenes - Daisy on Paperbark


The wonderful thing about photographing tiny subjects, is that you can easily find something small to use as a background.

I have a beautiful paperbark tree growing in my front garden.  At certain times of the year, long strips of bark are shed, making way for new growth underneath.

The bark is soft and very easy to work with, unlike other types of bark which can be quite brittle, making it perfect to use underneath flowers.

Here is a picture of my setup:


The bark was placed on a table next to a window on the left. 

And here's the result:


Taken with an iPhone 5C and edited in Mextures.


By rotating the bark 90 degrees, the colours totally changed, giving a similar image a different type of look.


Taken with an iPhone 5C and edited in Mextures.


I would like to have said that no harm came to my subjects during this photo shoot, but a opportunistic Labrador decided to find himself a new chew toy.



Hope you've enjoyed this behind the scenes article.

Remember to make everyday beautiful.