How To Import Presets Into Lightroom Mobile


Do you wish you could use the presets in your desktop on your mobile images?

Here are the simple steps you need to follow to import presets from Lightroom Classic to Lightroom Mobile, and it is done via Lightroom CC.


Open Lightroom CC on your desktop.

Select File

Select Import Profiles & Presets

This will take you to the folder where you save your presets.

You can choose to import the presets individually, or you can import a folder of presets.

To import a preset individually, open the preset folder and select the preset you wish to import.

Once selected, select Import.

This preset should now appear in Lightroom Mobile in Presets under the User Presets folder.

Select User Presets to view the presets in this folder. The preset that was just imported should appear.

To import a folder of presets, simply select the folder and instead of Import, select the Choose Folder option.

The folder will now appear with the other preset folders in Lightroom Mobile.

Select the folder to see the individual presets inside.


Now you can enjoy editing images on your phone, just like you do on your desktop.

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