Take Ten - Gerbera Flower


Flowers are the perfect subjects for Take Ten - One Subject Ten Ways, because there are so many different stages of a flower's life that you can photograph.

Last week I bought myself a bunch of Gerbera flowers from the supermarket. 


I love this shade of pink!


I always try different angles with flowers.  Sometimes the view from behind can be interesting too.


Even a pretty pink flower can look wonderful as a black and white image.


I love the details you get with a macro lens.  This one was taken with an Olloclip.


Even when a flower is past its prime, I think there is beauty to be found.


By removing the stem, you can try even more interesting angles.


All of the above images were taken with an iPhone 5C and edited in Mextures.

Hope this has inspired you to try your version of Take Ten.

Thanks for reading and remember to make everyday beautiful.