How to Remove a Distracting Background Using Snapseed


What happens when you like how your subject appears in the frame, but have a huge, fixed distraction in the background?


I loved how the light was falling on the petals, but didn't want to show the window and blinds in the background.

If I placed a board to hide the background, it would have affected the light.

I believe that you should always try to get your image as perfect as you possibly can in camera first before editing, but this was one of those times for breaking the rules.

And I knew this could easily be fixed using the Healing and Brush tools in Snapseed.


After you open your image in the Snapseed app, go to Tools and select Healing.


Swipe over the area you wish to replace. It will show up in red. Then select the tick.


Here's the result.  You will notice that the top right corner has some lighter patches. There is also the original patch in the lower left that needs to be fixed.

You could apply the Healing tool again to fix this, or you could try using the Brush tool instead.


Go back to the Tools menu and select Brush.


Select Dodge & Burn and then tap the down arrow in the centre until you see - 10. The brush will now burn or darken the parts of the image where you touch. You may need to repeat this action a couple of times to make them completely black. Select the tick to accept the changes.


Now that my background is fixed, it's time to make a minor adjustment to the flower. I wanted to lighten the area underneath the petals. To do this, follow the same steps using the Brush tool as before, except this time, press the arrows until + 5 appears. The brush will now dodge or lighten the parts of the image where you touch.


Here's my final image.  It's amazing to think that all this editing was done using only my iPhone.

Hope you found this tutorial useful and remember to make everyday beautiful!