My Five Favourite iPhone Photography Apps


As a photographer, I take photos with my dSLR. But I have another amazing camera - my iPhone.

When I first started using my phone to take photos, I didn't like the results at all. My friends, who weren't photographers, were taking amazing images on their phones. 

What was I doing wrong?

The answer is that I wasn't treating my phone like a real camera.

Once I started to approach taking images with my phone in the same way as I would with my dSLR, everything changed.

I started to:

  • look for the best light
  • remove any distractions from the frame
  • choose the best backgrounds
  • place my subjects at a more flattering or interesting angle

 And all that was before I even pressed the shutter.

Then I would choose which app I would use to take and edit the photo.

This is where the fun begins.......................


So I'm sharing with you which apps I use everyday for my iPhone photography.


1.  ProCamera

The native camera app that comes with the iPhone is very good, but as someone who likes to shoot in manual, I want an app that gives me more control over how I take my images.  This is why I like to use ProCamera.  I have been using this app for several months now and haven't even come close to using all the features yet.  I love how I can choose where to focus, set exposure and control shutter speed, ISO, and White Balance. Another great feature is that your images can be saved to a lightbox instead of directly to your camera roll.  That way if you take a lot of images, you can browse through them at a later time and choose which ones you want to save, edit or delete without filling up your camera roll.

2. Snapseed

I use Snapseed for minor edits, although you could do all your editing with this app because it has so many features. The Brush tool is my favourite for dodging and burning. The Vignette tool is great because you can move it to any part of the screen, not just the centre. You can also control the inner and outer brightness of the vignette.

3. touchRetouch

If you ever use the Content Aware features in Photoshop, you will love this app. I use touchRetouch for removing any unwanted distractions in my image. I use the brush tool to select the part I want removed. Then press play and the app automatically removes it to reveal a perfect background underneath. This works best if the part you want removed has a lot of space around it. If it is close to something else, it might take a few attempts to get the result you like.

4. Mextures

My favourite editing app is Mextures. I love how you can add layers of texture, use blend modes as well as making all the usual editing adjustments to your images. If you want to learn how to use Mextures, I've written several tutorials that you can find on this blog.

5. Photo Transfer App

This is app is great for wirelessly transferring images from your phone to your computer and vice versa.



This is how I approach my iPhone photography.  I have many other photography apps on my phone but these are the five apps I use everyday as part of my workflow.

Do you have any favourite apps you use for your phone photography?

Thanks for reading and remember to make everyday beautiful.