Perfectly Imperfect


I love flowers!

Most of you will already know this if you have looked at my Instagram feed.

A beautifully formed rose with its layers of petals delicately wrapped around each other is certainly pleasing to the eye.

But sometimes it can be those with all the flaws and imperfections that are the most interesting. 

Take this Dahlia for example.  After an early morning feast by the local grasshoppers, the petals were certainly looking rather worse for wear.  Combine this with some stray footballs and it was time to find this flower another, more safer home.


I kept the flower in a vase on the kitchen bench for well over a week. But instead of shrivelling up and withdrawing from the world, the flower became more alive.


The once flat, chewed petals lifted, more colours and texture appeared.

This flower was certainly not finished ................. not yet anyway.


Sometimes beautiful isn't perfect.  Sometimes imperfect is beautiful.



Behind the Scenes

I often get asked how I create my images, so here's a glimpse into my Coffee Table Studio.

I have a very basic set up.  I use a wooden cutting board, a black board with a matte side and a shiny side, and a couple of white boards.

A large, sliding glass door is situated to the left of the table and this is my light source.  It provides amazing light throughout the day, as the door is set back under a veranda.


All images in this post were taken on an iPhone5C and edited in Mextures.

Hope you've enjoyed this post.

Remember to make everyday beautiful!