Using Formulas in Mextures


Mextures is one of my go to apps for editing on my iPhone.

In previous posts, I have showed you how to edit using Textures.

This post is about editing with Formulas.

What is a formula?

A formula is a combination of textures and adjustments that allow you to edit your images in a single step.  The Mextures app comes with 12 formula categories, such as Landscape, Black and White and Destroyed Film. There are also 136 formulas in a Guest category, where many talented artists have shared their wonderful creations. But the thing I love best is that you can create, save and share your own formulas, as well as add formulas that others have shared online.

Using Formulas

When you open your image in the Mextures app, you will see a screen that gives you the option to move and scale your picture.


After you make your selection, the Textures and Formulas screen appears.


For this particular image, I'm going to choose one of my own formulas, which can be found under My Formulas at the top of the screen.  The formula I have selected is called Cosmos . Note: the formula which is active will have a white frame around the edge. To use this formula for your image, select the tick.


Next, you will brought to a screen which has all the formula details. Here you can see all the layers of textures in the formula. The last layer added to the formula is the one that is active.  (Note the eye and the X.)  The number in the circle over the image also indicates which layer is active. 

From here you have the option of making any adjustments you like.  You can change the layer's orientation, blend mode and opacity.  You can make it inactive by selecting the eye or you can delete it altogether by selecting the X. You can also scroll across the bottom of the screen to see all the layers in the formula.

To go to the next step, select the tick.


 Once you are happy with you image and you want to save it, select the Export icon in the top right of the screen. I select Save to Photo Library to save the image to my Camera Roll.


Here are the before an after images:


If you want to save any formulas you create, select the Export icon and choose Save Current Formula.  From here you will be prompted to type in a name from your formula. Once you save this, your formula will appear in the My Formulas category at the top of the Formulas screen.

I mentioned earlier in the post that you can share your formulas as well as add other people's formulas.

To share your formula, simply go to the Mextures home screen and select the Manage icon.

Next you will be brought to the screen where you will see any formulas which you have saved.


When you select the formula you want to share, the name of the formula appears. If you select the Share Formula option at the bottom of the screen, a unique seven letter code is generated. (Note: I have previously shared this formula so the code already appears on my screen. The symbol with the three orange circles indicates a formula has been shared.)


Once you share your formula code, other Mextures users can add it to their Imported formulas.

To add a formula, go back to the previous screen. There you will see an orange + symbol. When you select this, you will be prompted to add a code.  Once the code is accepted, the formula will appear under your Imported Formulas category.

Where do you find formulas?

Instagram is a wonderful source for Mextures formulas. If you follow the Mextures page, they regularly publish formulas from the community.  Also the hashtag #formula_sharing_is_caring is a great way to share and receive formulas.

The formula code I used in this tutorial is: YJAVPPB

Please feel free to add it to your imported formulas if you like it.

Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. 

Remember to make everyday beautiful!