Behind The Scenes - White Cosmos


I've often been asked: "How did you take that photo?"

So I'm taking you behind the scenes to show how I captured 'White Cosmos'.

My go to place in the house for my still life photos is the coffee table in our family room.  This spot works because it is next to a large, sliding glass door, which lets in the perfect amount of light throughout the day.  Behind the coffee table is our sofa, which is a great place to put a backdrop.  As an added bonus, the coffee table is just the right height for me to sit on the floor to capture my images.

I choose the background based on my subject.  I really wanted the white petals to stand out, so I used a black board underneath the flower.  To remove any distractions in the background, I draped a black tablecloth over the sofa.

Here's what my set up looked like:


I used the ProCamera app on my iPhone5C to take the image and followed with Snapseed for the edit.

So as you can see, I use whatever I have available at home to capture my images.

It's as simple as a phone, table cloth and a board!


Hope you enjoyed reading and remember to make everyday beautiful!