Where Do You Find Inspiration?


What inspires you in your photography?

Is it the world around you provided by Mother Nature?  Is it the special people or fur babies in your life? Is it other photographers and the unique way they capture their images?

I always have an idea in mind when I begin to take a photo.  But that idea quickly transforms into another as I'm working with my subject.  Changing the light, background, angles or how I position my subject can really make a huge difference and can give a completely different look to my image.

For me inspiration is happening along the way!


Taken with an iPhone5C and edited with Mextures.


Take the image above, for example.  I found this rose in my garden.  Although it was early in the morning, the heat of the sun had already taken its toll and the flower had started to wilt.  I cut the flower from the bush hoping some water in a vase could revive it somewhat.  My intention was to photograph the whole flower on a clean, black background.  But, as I moved the flower onto the board it completely disintegrated.  I noticed the way some of the petals had landed, and if two were placed side by side, a beautiful petal heart was formed.  So I did a little creative rearranging and put the heart by itself in the lower part of the frame to be the main subject.  I still wanted all the other petals there to show where the heart came from.  Also to show that even though something has fallen apart, it still has beauty.  I included some texture because I felt it added some emotion to the image.

So that's the story behind my inspiration today.

If you want the formula I used for my image, the Mextures code is: XNPEJAA.

Thanks for reading and remember to make everyday beautiful.