Behind the Scenes - Lily


I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful Oriental Lily as a gift.  The flowers are long lasting with an amazing perfume that fills the entire room.

My aim when photographing this plant was to isolate a single flower.  I didn't want to remove any flowers, so I was going to have to make this happen during the editing process.


I placed the pot on the floor with the flower of interest facing the window.


This is the image straight out of the camera.  Notice the surrounding flowers and leaves.  They can be removed using Snapseed.


Open the Snapseed app.


Select the Brush tool.


We can use the Dodge & Burn brush to remove the distracting leaves and flowers.  To burn or darken these areas, press the down arrow until you see -10 .  Now all you need to do is run your finger over the areas you wish to darken.  Press the tick if you wish to keep the changes.  You may need to repeat this step several times to achieve a really dark background.


Once you are happy with the result, you can select Save to save a copy of your image.


To get that grungy look, I added some textures using Mextures.

The formula I used is:  FSGMITQ.

You can learn how to import this formula into Mextures from this post: Using Formulas in Mextures.


Here are the before and after images.


With some simple editing techniques, you can easily remove distractions to create a beautiful image.

All images were taken using an iPhone5C and edited with Snapseed and Mextures.

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Thanks for reading and remember to make everyday beautiful.