Whipped Cream and Chocolate Anyone?


When I start to create an image, I usually have the end in mind. But quite often during the creative process, the final image can be something completely different.

I found an interesting piece of paperbark lying in the garden. For my image, I wanted to show the beautiful lines, textures and colours in the bark. To have a point of interest in the frame, I added a gardenia flower.


The first attempt was okay, but it was nothing really special.  So I decided to try one of my regular compositions where the image begins in the lower left corner and draws the viewer's eye to the subject in the upper right corner of the frame.


This image looked much better, revealing more details in the petals of the flower. But the focus had shifted away from the bark towards the flower.

After much manoeuvring of the bark and flower, and trying different lighting and angles, I finally came up with something that worked.

The bark appeared to be flowing like a river, from the upper left corner down to the lower right corner, with the flower floating on top.


During the editing process, I wanted to darken the timber underneath to draw attention to the bark.  But then something amazing happened.  The bark appeared to look like chocolate and the velvety petals of the flower became the whipped cream on top.


Sometimes our final image turns out to be nothing like we imagined, but that's what creativity is all about.

Here is a behind the scenes look at my set up.


All images were taken with an iPhone 5C.


To learn more of my tips and techniques about iPhone photography, check out my workshop:  How to Create Beautiful Art with your iPhone.

Thanks for reading and remember to make everyday beautiful.