Behind the Scenes - What Do You See?


"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."   ~  Henry David Thoreau



In my photography, I try to show how ordinary things can be beautiful in their own way. 

Even a dead leaf can be transformed into an interesting looking flower in a few simple steps.


First, I took an image of the leaf on a black board.


Next, I turned the leaf over and photographed the other side.


Using Image Blender, I combined the two images into one.


After saving the combined image, I opened it again in Image Blender twice.

By flipping and rotating the second image, I was able to create a complete flower.

Using Touch Retouch, I removed any scratches and inconsistencies from the background.


Finally, I added some grungy texture using Mextures.


And there you have my flower leaf.

All the images in this article were taken and edited on an iPhone5C.

Hope this tutorial has inspired you to look at things a little differently and maybe create something unique.

Thanks for reading and remember to make everyday beautiful.