Mextures Edit - Shadow Bird


I thought I'd share another Mextures edit with you.  The flower in this image is a Cosmos.  My aim was to show that even though the flower is past its prime, you still can make a beautiful and artistic image using light and textures.

To get this image, I placed the flower on a white board next to a window.  The window was at the top of the image.  I then used a torch/flashlight to the right of the flower to try and create an interesting shadow.................................and then the bird appeared.


Here are the steps I used to get my final image:


With each new texture there are subtle changes added.  I keep adding layers until I'm happy with the final result.  Most of my edits are usually comprised of seven to ten layers.


Here's another look at the before and after image:


If you want to use this formula, the code is: HKGQYYH.  To add this to your Imported Formulas collection, simply select the Manage icon on the Mextures Home Screen.  Select the orange + and enter the code.  The formula with now be in your Imported Formulas collection.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and remember to make everyday beautiful!