Creating Three Different Looks for the Same Subject


A few months ago, I wrote a post titled: Take Ten - One Subject Ten Ways

Being rather short on time today, I decided to try three different looks for the same subject.

I found this gorgeous Swamp Bloodwood blossom discarded on the ground after the local lorikeets had finished their morning feed.  So I brought the flower inside and tried to create a few different images.


For the first image, I placed the flower on a wooden cutting board and using my phone, took the shot from directly above the flower.


Taken with an iPhone 5C using the Camera+ app.


For my second image, I placed a black board behind the flower and took the shot from side on.  I love how the dark background really brings out the pink in the flower.


Canon 7D, 100mm f2.8L macro, f8, 1/100 sec, ISO 2500.


With the final image, I decided to try a completely different look.  I usually shoot with a dark background, so this time I used white.  I placed the flower on a white board and overexposed the image to get that crisp, white background that is very popular on Instagram at the moment.


Canon 7D, 100m f2.8L macro, f8, 1/200, ISO2500.


So if you are looking some creative ways to photograph your subjects, why not change your angle, background or even your camera or lens to see the different options you can come up with.


Thanks for reading and remember to make everyday beautiful!