I have been using my iPhone more frequently to take my photos.  It is light, easy to carry, is always with me, and the quality of the images is very good.  I use the Camera + app to take my photos, but when it comes to editing, I found myself transferring my images back to my computer so that I could use Photoshop and Lightroom.

That was until I discovered Mextures.

Mextures is an app for your iPhone which enables you to edit your photos in a similar way to Photoshop by using layers.

You can add as many layers of texture to your image as you like, as well as rotate the textures, change their opacity and blend modes, and make adjustments such as exposure, contrast, sharpening etc.

Probably the best way to explain how to use Mextures is show you how I do an edit.

Here are the before and after images to give you an idea of what can be created using Mextures.:


When you first open the app, it will bring you to the home page where you can either take a photo with the camera or select an existing photo in your library. For this edit, I am choosing an image from my library.


Once you have selected your image, you will see an option to crop your photo.  If you wish to crop your image simply tap two fingers on the screen and move them apart to modify your image.  When you are happy with your composition, select crop.  For this edit I didn't crop my image.


Next you will be taken to the Textures/Formulas page.  When the textures are highlighted you will see the texture collections.  This is the page we are using for the edit.  Formulas are combinations of textures that have already been created for you.  They are like presets where you can select one and have several editing steps done at once.


Here's where the magic happens.


Your beautifully edited photo will now be in your camera roll!

Here are some other images that have been created using Mextures:


Thanks for reading and remember to make everyday beautiful!