#100daysof_flowerstyle - Days 3 to 13

My #100daysof_flowerstyle is still going strong. It has been quite a challenge to come up with a new idea every day but that's all part of the fun. 


#100daysof_flowerstyle - Day 3

For this image I gathered some sticks from the backyard and scattered the Swamp Bloodwood flowers over the top.



#100daysof_flowerstyle - Day 4

The Bougainvillea plants are filled with colour right now. The purple one is especially as it is cascading over our fence. In this image they look like they are standing upright but they are actually laying flat and this was taken from above.



#100daysof_flowerstyle - Day 5

I received this gorgeous wreath from my beautiful Instagram friend Alicia, so of course I had to decorate it with flowers.  These are tiny rock daisies from my garden.



#100daysof_flowerstyle - Day 6

This day was particularly windy and this beautiful bird's nest fell out of the tree. Fortunately the birds no longer used it, so I thought I'd add a little colour and a butterfly.



#100daysof_flowerstyle - Day 7

I made a tiny bouquet with roses from my garden. These flowers are less than an inch tall. You have to pick them early in the morning as they are fully open by midday.



#100daysof_flowerstyle - Day 8

These pretty pink Swamp Bloodwood flowers are continually changing. Once the flower has finished blooming, it transforms into a gumnut.



#100daysof_flowerstyle - Day 9

I left this one a little late in the day, so I had to try some artificial light. On the left I used the light from an iPad and on the right, a light from a flashlight.



#100daysof_flowerstyle - Day 10

My neighbour has a Frangipani tree with the most amazing flowers. A little Blu-Tak always comes in handy to hold a flower in place.



#100daysof_flowerstyle - Day 11

The same flowers as the day before in a different way.



#100daysof_flowerstyle - Day 12

I think dried flowers are beautiful. These are Dahlias from my garden.



#100daysof_flowerstyle - Day 13

More Frangipanis with a distressed, grungy edit.



All of these images were taken with an iPhone5C using the ProCamera app and edited in Mextures.

Thanks for reading and remember to make everyday beautiful.