#100daysof_flowerstyle - Day 2

#100daysof_flowerstyle - Day2

I decided to try a different kind of flower to style for Day 2 of my project.  The Callistemon trees are in flower at the moment. There were plenty of beautiful bottlebrush flowers on the tree, so I didn't feel too bad about taking some inside away from the birds.

After trying a few different ideas I felt that these looked much better not in a vase, so I found some twine to tie them together.

By slightly moving to the right I was able to include more of the window light.

Helpful hint:  Blu Tak is great for holding the stems in place.  I scattered the leaves across the base of the stems to hide it.

The last image was with a timber cutting board as the background.

All images were taken on an iPhone5C using the ProCamera app and edited in Mextures.


Remember to make everyday beautiful!