Project 365 - One Word

Project 365 - One Word

Have you heard of the One Little Word project?

This project was started by Ali Edwards and it involves choosing one word at the beginning of the year and using it as your theme for the year.  This year is my first time participating in the project and my word is: SHINE.

Over at Capture Your 365 this month, one of the themes is:  One Word.  So I'm going to show you a few different ways you could photograph your one word.


You could take a photo of your word in your own writing.  For this image, I used a miniature black board on an easel and wrote my word in chalk.


Board games can provide a great resource for word display.  Our Scrabble game came in very handy for this shot.

Craft items can be very useful for creating a word.  I used some alphabet beads with thread to create a word bracelet.

Sometimes when I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to photograph for the prompt, my go to image is a photograph of the word in the dictionary.  Another idea would be to take an image from a favourite book where the word is used.

You don't even need to include your word in the image at all.  Instead you could photograph something that represents your word.  This image of a shining star was taken on my iPhone.

This is my favourite image.  It shows only part of the star with lots of negative space.  Only a small portion of the star is in focus.  That is how I choose to tell my story.


If you would like to start a 365 project, you can join in at any time.  It doesn't need to be January 1.  Come visit us over at Capture Your 365.  The monthly prompt list can be found over on the blog.  You can also sign up for free emails with tips for your photography.  If you would like to get even more resources for your 365 project, click on the button below to check out the different membership options.