Friday Favourites - Week 2 2016

Friday Favourites - Week 2 2016

Here are my favourite images taken over the past week:

This image of a rose from my garden was taken with an iPhone 5C using ProCamera and edited with VSCO as part of my 365 project for the prompt:  Monochrome.

This image was taken on an iPhone 5C using an Olloclip.  The background was originally whiteas part of my 365 project for the prompt: Mostly White.  But I felt the white subject didn't stand out against the background.  It was kind of dull.  It needed something more.  So I added several layers of texture using Mextures.

This is my favourite image of the week and is titled:  A Dramatic Ending.  This is the same Cosmos flower that has been in my previous posts.  Even though the petals had started to wither, I wanted to make it look like it wasn't finished just yet.  To get this shot, I placed the flower on a white board next to a window.  A second white board was placed behind it.  This was captured on an iPhone 5C using the ProCamera app and edited in Mextures.

Happy Friday Everyone and remember to make everyday beautiful!