Tuesday Tip - Getting Creative With Shadows


Do you ever start with one idea in mind and end up with something completely different?

That's what happened to me this week while working on a project for @withflowersinherphone.

I wanted to highlight the beauty of this wilted pansy I found in the garden. Because the flower was no longer open, I tried shooting from underneath.  But it wasn't working in the way I had intended.  So I thought I'd add some more light.  I grabbed the closest light source I had available - my iPad - and turned on the torch/flashlight.

Then the heart appeared.


This is not how I pictured my image would look like. But I'm really happy with the result.

Here's the final image:


Taken with an iPhoneSE and edited in Mextures and Snapseed.


As you can see from my behind the scenes image, it's possible to be creative with what you have on hand at home:  a white board and a light.

Thanks for reading and remember to make everyday beautiful.