Tuesday Tip - Turn Your Phone Upside Down


Today’s Tuesday Tip is quite simple, but can make a big impact on your images.

When taking a photo, try turning the phone upside down.

Why this is so effective is that it places the lens on the same level as the subject.

This makes the subject appear larger and can result in a more pleasing composition.


The image below shows my set up: a flower placed on a black board with another board behind it. The window is on the left.


The image below shows a screen shot holding the phone as normal.


With the resulting image below.


But notice what happens when the phone is turned upside down.


With the resulting image below.


Below is a side by side comparison. Notice how with the image on the right, the flower not only appears much larger, but your eyes are drawn up towards the flower.


Changing the orientation of your phone can make a huge difference to your images.

Why not try this out the next time you’re taking a photo?


Thanks for reading and remember to make everyday beautiful.