Project 365: August 2018


I was very hesitant to write this post.  When I started to look back over the past month, I didn't think I would have enough images to even do my usual top nine.  August wasn't the best month for me, due to illness. But I had surprised myself with the number of images I actually managed to take.

There were quite a few days where I didn't pick up my camera at all, and in the past, this would have been the end of the project for me.  "If it wasn't perfect then what's the point?" I used to think.

The problem with this attitude is that it doesn't allow for days off, it doesn't allow for mistakes. It doesn't allow for things to happen that are out of our control.

But by giving up perfection, you enable yourself to appreciate those moments in between the chaos.  You capture memories of the white blanket of frost that might only occur on a couple of days per year. Or the way your garage floor has become one of the favourite backgrounds for still life images in the house; or memories of when you found the dog asleep on your son's bed while he was at school.

When you look back over the year that was, you might be so grateful you gave up perfection.  Because it's these little moments that add up to make great memories.


I'm doing my project with Capture Your 365.

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Thanks for reading and remember to make everyday beautiful.