Tuesday Tip - Adjusting Exposure On Your iPhone


Did you know that you can adjust the exposure of your photos on your iPhone?

I always adjust the exposure on my images, even though the iPhone camera does this automatically.  Why ? Because I want to control how my image looks.

When the iPhone camera is exposing your image, it is attempting to get the correct amount of light for the overall picture. 

But in certain situations, this doesn't always work.

Take the example below:


When I tap the screen to focus on my subject, the camera will expose for the whole scene.

Because the subject is so small compared to the dark background, the camera is attempting to lighten up the overall image.

But the result of this is blown highlights in the subject. You can no longer see the detail in the flower.  And because the background also appears lighter, you can see every scratch and marking on the very well used boards.

If you look at the image below, the problem has been fixed.


All that needed to be done is slide your finger in a downwards motion on the screen.

As you move your finger you will notice that the position of the yellow sun moves downwards also.

(To lighten the image, slide your finger upwards.)

Now the detail is back in the flower and the background has returned to black.


Here's my final image after editing in Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

Taken with an iPhone SE and edited in Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

Taken with an iPhone SE and edited in Adobe Lightroom Mobile.


Thanks for reading and remember to make everyday beautiful.