Project 365: April 2018


The mornings are a little cooler and the days are becoming shorter, but it's a lovely time of year to grab the camera and go outside.  As well as my usual flower photos, I've tried to include myself in more of my daily images, because I'm always the one behind the camera.

Here's my top nine images for April:


I'm finding the more that I pick up my camera each day, the more it becomes a habit.

It's just a normal part of my day now.

Some days I like to follow prompts, while on other days I love to document my day as it happened.


I'm doing my project with Capture Your 365.

You can see my daily images over on Instagram. (Although I'm still quite a bit behind with posting there.)

If you would like to do a 365 project, why not start today? It's never too late to begin.


Thanks for reading and remember to make everyday beautiful!