Tuesday Tip - Creating the illusion of more flowers than you have


I find most of the flowers for my photography in my garden.  This sometimes means that when I'm arranging the flowers for a photo, I don't have enough for a large bouquet. I don't really have enough for a small bouquet either. That's when I need to get a little creative.


It's all about angles and sticky tape.


The image above is the same arrangement as in the original photo but taken from directly above.

Notice that there are only about half the flowers needed to fill the bowl. By moving the flowers to the part of the bowl closest to the camera, it appears that the bowl is full of flowers.

The flowers are held in place by crisscrossing sticky tape across the bowl.


By placing your camera/phone on the same level as the bowl, the lack of flowers at the back of the bowl is hidden from view.


All images in this post were taken with an iPhoneSE and edited in Mextures.


Thanks for reading and remember to make everyday beautiful.